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You might know Devon Graves from the Alt-Metal band Deadsoul Tribe – or you might be more familiar with his real name, Buddy Lackey. He spent 11 years working as front man, singer-flute player for one of the original Prog-Metal bands, Psychotic Waltz.

After leaving Psychotic Waltz in 1997 he began to compose in solitude. Basically he shut himself in a room for months with a multi track recorder and a lot of instruments. The music he created and subsequent record release from InsideOut spawned the need for a live band, which he formed with local friends who had the right hair. They began to tour and support the albums of Deadsoul Tribe which he continued to compose and record alone.

Throughout the journeys of touring Devon met many musicians who really stood above the crowd. One day he began to wonder: "What would it be like to play in a band made of the very finest players I have met along the way?" This question first came to Devon's mind when Deadsoul Tribe was supported by a local German prog-thrash metal band Complex 7.

Arne Schuppner was their guitarist. His playing really shook Devon. Massive, fierce and original. His performance was exceptionally heartfelt which is the important thing that many prog metalists are missing. Some of the finest players on record don't have the heart or passion on the stage. Arne had it all, and would be receiving a phone call from Devon.

Later in that year, Devon had the unique pleasure of recording and producing the band Dial, recently formed by Kris Gildenlöw with his lovely wife, Liselotte right after his leaving his long stand with Pain of Salvation. During the recordings, Devon was impressed over and over again with Kris' bass playing, and especially his precision with a fretless bass. Devon was equally impressed with Kris' ability to play piano and acoustic guitar, and with his composition skills in general. Also a fine vocalist indeed, seeing him as the perfect choice tempted Devon to extend an offer to Kris to join Devon's new band. He also accepted.

The next time Devon got the same feeling was supporting Threshold. Johanne James is easily one of the most captivating drummers he has ever seen. Johanne's powerful yet impeccable playing was matched only by his mesmerizing stage presence. After the tour, Devon contacted him about working together. At the time Johanne was actually too busy and turned down his offer. Thankfully, a few years has passed since the idea of this band and the reality. Devon decided to approach him again. This time Johanne said YES.

The final question had haunted Devon during all this time. Does he want a keyboard player, or not? This question answered itself in an email from a "fan of Deadsoul Tribe, and especially Psychotic  Waltz". It read: "… I am Demi Scott, a keyboardist, full time professional musician from Greece. I am so fed up with the music business that I am about to just quit this bullshit. Since I have so much admired your work over the years, I decided to ask for your advice." Devon asked him to send him some music of his, so he could tell him what he thought. A few days later came a home burned CD in the mail. Devon listened into his music for about 10-15 minutes. "I was so blown away by what I heard, I could not just sit there a second longer. I immediately sent him an e mail which read: ‘I have listened to your music and so here is my advice. You should come to Vienna and we should make a band together!’"

…so like Dr. Frankenstein did, by sewing the greatest, strongest pieces of the greatest strongest men and then added a sick and demented brain to create his monster, so it is the same with Devon's creation of his monster THE SHADOW THEORY.

Four years in the making, THE SHADOW THEORY will be releasing their first studio album on Devon's long time home InsideOut Music. "Behind the Black Veil" is a sinister roller-coaster ride of sound and lyrical imagery combining elements of Thrash, Psychedelic and Symphonic Metal fused with Folk and Prog-Rock undertones. Devon's first "concept album" ever, tells a horror story of a man who wakes from one nightmare into another, into another until he can no longer tell where the dream ends and reality begins… Or if he was ever dreaming at all.

"Behind the Black Veil" release dates:

GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND: Friday, November 19, 2010


SPAIN, ITALY: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SWEDEN, FINLAND, HUNGARY: Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND: Friday, November 26, 2010

NORTH AMERICA: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Shadow Theory will soon hit the road:

Please check this site frequently for live-dates to be released for 2011!

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